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WC 9000+

WC 9000+ Ignition Interlock System

  • Camera with both white and infrared light allows for HD pictures in all light conditions.
  • High bandwidth cellular module allows for two-way communication including records download and software updates and programming.
  • Reliable Bluetooth Connectivity
  • WiFi-Direct Link to Camera provides a low-latency high-bandwidth connection.
  • Direct WiFi module allows for wireless download and programming of device.
  • Dynamic settings allow the device to meet the needs of every jurisdiction and customer.
  • Reliable fuel cell technology provides consistent results.
  • GPS Integration allows for a complete suite of information and detailed record tracking.
  • Patented Rolling Retest Delay Capability
  • Records backup in vehicle control box in case of a lost or damaged handset.
  • Standard USB interface in the event of a lost or unavailable wireless signal.
  • Linux based platform
  • Allows for customization and easily changed user experience.
  • Software changes not tied to firmware or device operation mean improvements can be rolled out quickly without affecting the core operation of the breathalyzer.
  • Modular system allowing for features to be disabled/enabled or even added as requirements change.
  • Robust configuration options, nearly all sensors and behaviors can be programmed individually.
  • Software support

  • Back-end server allows both service centers and reporting authorities ease of access.
  • Devices are simple to calibrate and program.
  • Robust reporting and record keeping.
  • Server-side log parsing turns verbose data logs into easy to interpret summaries of a customer's events.
  • Dynamic and ever-improving web-based interface with access portals customized for a jurisdiction's requirements


    FR 9000 Ignition Interlock System

  • Equipped with advanced fuel cell technology
  • User friendly design
  • Large, easy to read display
  • Unit provides information such as next service, current status, and test instructions
  • Hassle-free start-up procedure
  • Dual heating elements reduce wait time
  • No need to tow vehicle if the device locks out

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